Generate BIM Models Dynamically

Our dynamic BIM engine addresses the demanding needs of building product manufacturers, where high levels of detail, configuration, and performance characteristics are part to the product selection process.


BIM visualThis not only forces manufacturers to deliver new BIM-ready data but also significantly changes the way building products are marketed and sold.

Top Architects, MEP Engineers Fabricators and Construction professionals practice a BIM process. The recognized cost saving and efficiency has brought increasing demands from large owners and government departments to deliver all new projects using a BIM process. 

Building product manufacturers must become BIM-ready and able to provide customers throughout the design-to-construction process the multiple BIM model formats (Revit, ArchiCAD, CADmep) and the multiple BIM data standards (COBIE, IFC, ETIM) required to participate and even bid on projects.

Deliver Multiple Formats of BIM Models, On-Demand

BIM-uponor.pngThe growth in BIM adoption not only in Design but within Fabrication, Construction and even Facilities Management has brought new demands on manufacturers for formats beyond just Revit MEP and simple PDF cut sheets.

The ability to meet these needs with the best data available on your website, industry portals like BIMobject and even your distributors can generate leads and project visibility very early in the BIM workflow. Providing a positive digital experience to your BIM user community, wherever they discover your products, sets your company apart from the competition.

Thomas’ approach to helping manufacturers become BIM-ready is based on a simple philosophy: build the data once, store it in a structured database, and drive multiple CAD and BIM formats dynamically from this central repository.

Our CAD/BIM Engine delivers multiple formats of CAD and BIM models, on demand and dynamically generated from the latest product update. Customers can download the right format for their project, whenever they need it and wherever they discover your products. Manufacturers need to expand their audience to generate leads and win deals.

BIM-Ready = Better Leads and Sales

BIMReadyCover.jpgQuality product data in the right format is what your targeted audiences need to discover, select and commit your products to their projects. BIM data provides early entry into the specifying process, giving your sales team better visibility to opportunities much earlier than traditional project data services and submittal activity.

As a younger generation moves into leadership positions within design and construction, demand for easy-to-access digitized product information will only increase. Building product manufacturers who invest in changing their sales and marketing process and respond to the needs of an industry set on BIM will gain the competitive advantage. Become THE company that’s easy to do business with in BIM.

Investigate Thomas’ automated, database approach to your product content and BIM format challenges today. For more information, download our eBook, Becoming BIM-Ready: The Risks of Doing Nothing.

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