We give you the tools you need.

Thomas Enterprise Solutions helps you create and manage your 2D drawings, 3D CAD and BIM models and other digital product data. We then leverage this product data to expand your audience and reach, while improving your competitive position on distributor websites and web portals where your products are also found — AmazonBusiness, BIMobject or Seek, for example.

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Define Your Audience

Understand your target markets, the CAD and BIM file formats and data needs of each client, and the web destinations (your website, portals, distributors) they expect to find your products.

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Prioritize Products

Identify key product lines important to customers and drive high revenues for your first phase investment.

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Build & Deploy eCatalog, CAD/BIM Files

Our subject matter experts work with your marketing and engineering teams to consolidate your product information into a rich, high-quality database that dynamically drives your product pages, CAD/BIM downloads and submittals.

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Promote Your
eCatalog Investment

Develop a marketing campaign to drive awareness with customers of your digital marketing investment, train sales people and generate demonstrable leads.

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Measure the ROI
on Your eCatalog

Understand and measure the impact of your investment on your customers’ web experience, traffic to your website, lead generation and, ultimately, revenue.

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Get Started Now

Start turning your product information into a competitive advantage. Request a free strategy consultation from our team today.

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Thomas Enterprise collects your product details — in any format available — and works closely with your team.

We define all the requirements of your audiences, whether they are design engineers, fabricators, facility managers or sourcing professionals.

Thomas understands the software tools and processes your customer’s use day to day and can help you craft a content strategy to meet their demands for digitized information about your products. Our cloud-based platform can help you easily manage and maintain your product data while providing marketing analytics and sales leads to generate a positive ROI.

Working with manufacturers for over 110 years, we have the knowledge and the network to get your products found by the right buyers. During a strategy consultation with one of our engineering sales specialists, we listen to your business needs and the results you’re looking for. Then, we design a customized solution so you can start getting your products spec’d into more designs — and in front of more customers.

Thomas increases exposure for industrial companies across markets — including General Industrial, Commercial Building as well as Power, Process and Marine. Providing digitized product information in the formats your customer’s need is critical to high quality service and increasing your business’ chances of generating more opportunities and revenue.