Digitized product data is a core asset for your sales and marketing strategy

The creation, maintenance and syndication of rich digital product assets is critical to not only your website but also for expanding audience and generating leads in the many web destinations your products need to be discovered on.

Here’s what that means for your company:

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Better Data

Through Thomas Enterprise’s platform, your product information becomes accessible in any format your customers and distributors need. Products can be easily located and are guaranteed to have the most accurate and current information, making them easy to specify and order.

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Better Exposure

When product information is managed in one database, it allows for easy access and updates to be made in real-time. This reduces the manufacturer’s cost of supporting multiple formats of data and improves revenue opportunities by delivering the right content to a wider audience.

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Better Relationships

Improved customer service is the first step toward improved customer loyalty. Your product information becomes accessible in any format your customers need while you improve the way your products are found and sold in your distribution channel.

Whether it’s your distributors, Amazon Business or a key industry portal, consistently delivering high quality product data to drive a high quality customer experience is critical to remaining competitive. That’s why we give you the tools you need to manage your data seamlessly, syndicate it to multiple destinations and most importantly, track the ROI from all your efforts through improved lead generation.

Thomas Enterprise is more than just a product information management platform. We’re lead generation specialists and experts at strengthening how a manufacturer meets the needs of not only its sales channels but also the customers who specify and source product every day.

When you partner with Thomas Enterprise, you get more than 110 years of experience with complex industrial products with thousands of manufacturers around the world. Our platform has grown from a modest eCatalog to a robust platform used by manufacturers big and small who depend on our technology and content capabilities to drive their Sales & Marketing success.

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