Better Data = Better Rankings with Major Distributors

Thomas Enterprise's Data Syndication solution, powered by the Navigator, delivers accurate product information to various sales channels in the formats they require. Thomas has partnered with various distributors to better understand their specific requirements, ultimately enabling us to easily take Navigator content and push it in the correct format.

Each of your distributors has their own set of unique data needs and requirements, and you must meet these in order to ensure your products are always available to be discovered and ordered. With a strong data syndication tool in your belt, you’ll be able to verify that you meet product data guidelines before you start the upload process. With rich content meeting your distributors’ specifications, your products will rise to the top of the search ranking and be center-stage with buyers.

By working with your distribution partners and meeting their data needs each and every time, you can position yourself as a top provider who is interested in driving revenue and a positive digital experience for specifiers and buyers.

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Our Data Syndication Solution

Gathers product information in any format - print catalogs, spec sheets, excel files, and more. Validates and confirms the data against the respective distributors' requirements. Delivers the digital information to the distributor for ease of import into the various systems that require it.

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Join Our Growing Network

You’ll also get the advantage of the Thomas Network. We partner with distributors to simplify the process of syndicating data to their eCatalog or business systems. You get help ensuring that vital product information is current and accurate wherever distributors access the digital network.

Improve your relationships with distributors like Motion, Kaman or Fastenal, and strengthen your sales channels by keeping your information up-to-date through a simple and effective solution.

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Improve At Every Level

At the heart of your syndication efforts is the goal to improve interactions with your distributors and buyers. Syndication platforms allow you to deliver the right product information and pricing across every channel, so customers receive the same positive digital experience wherever they find your products.

Using the Product Data Syndication solution you’ll be able to centralize all of your data and take full advantage of demands for new file formats, standards and data structures coming from both end-users and your distributors.