We deliver solutions that get your products specified and purchased.

While most content platforms manage basic product information typically for eProcurement, Thomas Enterprise Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure your products are fully described and meet the needs of engineering and specifying professionals across multiple industries. Quality and complete product details, available in the formats your users need, drives ‘spec-wins’ and revenue growth.


Better Search + Richer Content = Better Experience & More Sales.

Dramatically improve your distributors’ product sales performance by streamlining end-to-end business processes and easily publishing your eCatalog data to their website. Give your customers exactly what they need, when they need it most. Help your distributors deliver a positive digital experience to retain customers and ensure your products are not lost in the search. Being at the top of the search ranking AND providing the digitized data — details, CAD/BIM files, submittal drawings — makes your company easy to do business with and a preferred vendor.

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Amplify Channel Sales

In order to stand out from competitors, your company must provide compliant data for the latest tools and processes employed in the industry segments you participate in. The best way to reach new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers is to feature your products on the websites and online portals frequented by industry professionals.

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BIMobject, Amazon Business, Autodesk Seek or your distributors’ websites are all important destinations to deliver a positive digital experience to customers. Thomas has created partnerships and alliances with many of these important destinations to make it easy to integrate and maintain your product information in as many sales channels as you wish.

Our partnerships with key distributors — Fastenal, Motion, Kaman and others — has helped us understand the unique requirements of distributors, enabling us to create content that moves your products to the top of the search and to the top-of-mind of specifiers and buyers. Our platform also enables manufacturers to edge out competitors by making products easier to find and configure based on performance specs, installation conditions or design intent. Users are delivered a rich data experience beyond a simple description or data sheet.

To become a successful vendor, you must communicate with potential customers in a manner they are accustomed to and with data that makes them productive. By listing your digitized products in the sales channels your customers go to, with all the right information, you will already be one step ahead of your competitors.

Generate New Opportunities

Having a dynamic, fully immersive product catalog doesn’t just affect short-term sales. You’ll also be creating lucrative business opportunities in the future.

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Too many companies lack the tools needed to develop long-lasting business relationships. Our solutions are tuned to deliver the targeted information your audience needs to get their job done quickly and productively. Use your product data to get your foot in the door with engineers and specifiers—you’ll then be in prime position to obtain higher-quality leads and more specifications, resulting in more sales.

Increase Your Competitiveness with Our Dynamic eCatalog Platform

Thomas helps you consolidate, cleanse and manage your product information from the many sources your company tries to maintain, including cutsheets, CAD models, PDFs.

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We help you create a 21st-century eCatalog platform to increase your competitiveness. Our innovative and scalable technology supports the eCatalogs of thousands of industrial manufacturers, resulting in thousands of downloads per month for many of our clients.

Rich downloads like CAD and BIM files or sales drawings represent ‘warm’ leads that are a higher level of quality than simple ‘hits’ on your site. We help you deliver detailed names of users, their firm and the projects they are working on to help your sales team follow actionable sales leads. Let us show you how an investment in rich design and specification content can drive better leads and improved sales.

At the heart of the platform is Navigator — a database-driven solution that will become your company’s greatest asset for enhancing sales and expanding into new domestic and global market segments. Through Navigator, your company delivers richer, more detailed product information, complete with advanced search and configuration capabilities.

The dynamic eCatalog includes keyword, part number, and parametric search options, as well as rules-based product configuration tools, providing customers with the downloadable data they need to commit your products to their projects. Navigator also powers enhanced resources to bring customers the best digital experience. Visit Our Solutions to learn more about what Navigator offers.

Discover, Configure, Commit

The Thomas platform transforms your complex product data into a rich data experience — allowing customers to easily discover, configure and commit your products to their projects wherever they find you. We work closely with manufacturers across diverse industry segments to help their marketing professionals create, manage and syndicate rich product information to generate leads and drive sales.

Delivering a strong digital experience wherever your products are found — your website, distributors or eCommerce portals — is key to getting specified and sourced in an Internet world where search and digitized data are mandatory for customer success.


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